Edgar Cayce's Famous Black Book: An A-Z Guide to Cayce's Psychic Readings

Author: Edgar Cayce

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Format: Paperback

Length: 382

Price: $18.95


Popular in the 1960s as an “Individual Reference File,” it was made famous as the “black book” in Jess Stearn’s bestselling biography, The Sleeping Prophet. 

Imagine being able to ask the sleeping Edgar a question on almost any topic? Thumbing through his “famous black book” is like stepping back into Cayce’s time to gain wisdom straight from the source of universal consciousness that he was known to access. For decades, the Cayce “readings” have stood the test of time, research, and extensive study. Most of the readings dealt with physical health, but countless other topics were explored and included in this volume: dreams, intuition, ancient civilizations, meditation, karma and grace, reincarnation, and much more.


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