Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone Bracelet

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The Cayce readings indicated that moonstone’s vibrations are in accord with aiding in “the best thou may accomplish.” Both lapis and moonstones are favorites of psychics who believe lapis enhances intuition (as Cayce said) and moonstones aid in seeing the future—a combination that is perfect for developing and exercising psychic talents. Both lapis and moonstones are also said to contribute to feelings of “safety,” and the moonstone is known for revealing “hidden” talents and calming emotions, particularly fears surrounding love and relationships. Physically, it can ease the pain of menstruation and stomach problems and help bring about a healthy pregnancy.

This gorgeous, high-quality bracelet contains 10 mm Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone beads along with two sterling silver square beads with Om symbols. This stretch bracelet measures at 7 1/2".


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