There Is a River - Audiobook

Author: Thomas Sugrue

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Format: 12 CDs

Length: 14 1/2 hours

Price: $40.00


An amazing man, an incredible story. One unforgettable biography.

Sugrue’s biography of Cayce is the only one written from the perspective of someone who lived with and interviewed Edgar Cayce and his family. This engaging read covers not only Cayce’s fascinating life and the phenomenal information that came through his psychic readings, but it also provides hope to anyone suffering from illness or despair of heart and spirit. The myriad of topics covered include holistic health remedies; spiritual growth subjects such as meditation, prayer, and reincarnation; and world events from the past to the future. But more than anything, this book is about the heart of the Cayce work and the selfless devotion of the man behind the readings.


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