Why Am I Here? A Concise Guide to Your Purpose and Potential

Author: Joyce Keller

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Format: paperback

Length: 128 pp.

Price: $12.95


You Were Born for a Reason!

According to Edgar Cayce reading 2823-1, “Each soul…has a definite job to do. But ye alone may find and do that job.” Author and psychic Joyce Keller, joined by her daughter Elaine Keller,  reiterates this important concept in her newest book Why Am I Here? A Concise Guide to Your Purpose and Potential . While there is no special trick to finding out what your life’s purpose is, it does take work and self-study to truly understand why you are here. Keller has compiled valuable information that will help you use angel guides, astrology, karmic patterns, Akashic records, and more to help you recognize important aspects of yourself that give you signs to your true purpose. You will learn to embrace the life that was meant to be as you move through this simple yet powerful guidebook to your purpose and potential.


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