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While in the trance state, Edgar Cayce's ability to peer into the past with uncanny psychic accuracy was demonstrated repeatedly. This type of information is called "retrocognition.” An example of the accuracy of the these types of readings given by Cayce is the fact that he described the Dead Sea Scrolls and their content a more than eleven years before their discovery in 1947. Through the use of retrocognition, the Cayce readings provide a wealth of insights into the ancient world, and here we are offering a set of those authored by John Van Auken, an expert on these readings.

Inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a prophecy in stone that points to these present times, especially to the years from 1958 to 2038. Eventually, points along the timeline were associated with world events, taking it to the level of an ancient prophecy of humankind's journey that continues into today. Van Auken presents the whole story in detail, correlating the passageways and chambers in the Great Pyramid with the chapters and verses in the original Egyptian Book of the Dead, whose title is more accurately translated: Book of Coming Forth into Light.

Tour Of Egypt DVD
Take a tour of Egypt from the Edgar Cayce perspective with A.R.E.'s most popular Egypt-tour leader and head of research, John Van Auken. Travel through ancient Egypt as Van Auken guides you through pyramids, temples, tombs, papyruses, and halls of decorated pillars, statues, and obelisks-even secret chambers. As John explains, "You will go on a tour with the cycles of the Sun, into the darkness of the Underworld, and up into the heavens above, through portals to other worlds and dimensions, and back again." With his expert knowledge of Cayce, Van Auken then takes us on the "initiate's pathway to enlightenment."

Edgar Cayce’s Tales of Ancient Egypt
John Van Auken combines the collection of Egyptian past lives found in the Cayce readings with Egyptian legends that appear in papyruses, on temple walls, and in pyramid texts for a complete picture that reveals the full story of priestesses, healers, female pharaohs, and gods among humans. This book includes more than 80 illustrations with Cayce's insights into the pyramids, ancient flight, the Hall of Records, The Great Initiate, and the seven stages of soul growth.


John Van Auken's Ancient Mysteries Set Contents
2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy 2038: Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy 1$16.95
Edgar Cayce's Tour of Egypt DVDBook Template1$24.95
Edgar Cayce's Tales of Ancient EgyptEdgar Cayce's Tales of Ancient Egypt1$16.95

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