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Psychic Development/Chakras Presleep CDs

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According to Edgar Cayce, our subconscious minds are creative resources that are most open to “instruction” during presleep—that 20-minute time period just prior to sleeping. You can actually help yourself reach full potential by harnessing the power of the subconscious to achieve goals and develop your soul’s talents.

In this BOGO set you’ll receive our Realizing Your Psychic Potential and Tuning Your Chakras CDs—both designed to develop your psychic sensitivity and enhance your body’s spiritual centers.

Both 60-minutes CDs are narrated by Charles Thomas Cayce, grandson of Edgar Cayce and president of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, which preserves, researches, and archives the Cayce readings and related documents.


Buy One, Get One: Psychic Development/ Chakras Presleep CDs Contents
Realizing Your Psychic Potential Presleep CDUnlock your psychic awareness and: Develop your psychic sensitivity. 1$9.95
Tuning Your Chakras Presleep CDLessons to help you visualize each chakra in healing colors, enliven your life, health, and intuition, and heal emotions associated with the chakras.1$9.95

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