Lapis Obelisk Pendant with Sterling Silver Bail

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Pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" x 1/4" with the bail.

The Edgar Cayce readings on gemstones, frequently recommend the “lapis lazuli or the lapis linguis” stone. In one reading, Cayce said, “For the entity should ever wear about the body the lapis lazuli or the lapis linguis; for these will bring strength to the body …” (691-1)

In yet another reading, Cayce describes lapis this way:  “For the stone is itself an emanation of vibrations of the elements that give vitality, virility, strength, and that of assurance in self.” -- Reading 981-1. Many of the readings stated that the lapis stone is of value to those interested in developing their psychic abilities

       (Q) Of what value is it? (A) Of particular value to those who are interested in things psychic!  -- Reading 440-2
       “… it would be most helpful in creating that vibration which will make for developments of certain characters of demonstrations with any psychic forces or psychic individuals.” -- Reading 440-3



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