Becoming Masters of Light: Co-Creating the New Age of Enlightenment

Author: Darrin William Owens

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We’ve made it past 2012. We have what we need to fully embrace our divine selves and take ahold of the truth that we are the New Earth that we have been so longing to see. We are in the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. What has this shift meant for our planet?

As a psychic intuitive and spiritual teacher, Darrin Owens stretches us beyond mere reading and acquiring of spiritual knowledge for knowledge’s sake and into the action of becoming a builder of wisdom and a master of light.

Let’s turn our focus then on how we can utilize our spiritual potential in this new era of consciousness and become masters of light for both ourselves and others.

How do we turn our knowledge into wisdom and use it in the world in a real way? Let Darrin lead the way through these powerful chapters that will get you out of your spiritual rut and into the light:
• The New Golden Age
• Psychic Intuition
• The Holy Spirit
• Anchor the Light
• Divine Love Consciousness
• Earth Healing Consciousness
• Spiritual Healing
• The Healing Formulas
• The Invocations
• The Re-Set Button
• Prayers

Listen to Darrin Owens discuss his book, Becoming Masters of Light.


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