Edgar Cayce's Tour of Egypt DVD

Author: John Van Auken

Stock #727

Format: DVD

Length: 90 minutes

Price: $24.95


Take a tour of Egypt from the Edgar Cayce perspective with A.R.E.'s most popular Egypt-tour leader and head of research, John Van Auken.

Travel through ancient Egypt as Van Auken guides you through pyramids, temples, tombs, papyruses, and halls of decorated pillars, statues, and obelisks-even secret chambers. As John explains, "You will go on a tour with the cycles of the Sun, into the darkness of the Underworld, and up into the heavens above, through portals to other worlds and dimensions, and back again." With his expert knowledge of Cayce, Van Auken then takes us on the "initiate's pathway to enlightenment."

This is a beautiful visual voyage, with rarely seen images and concepts, and an ancient treasure for your modern DVD collection.

Join us in person on our next tour to Egypt. Visit EdgarCayce.org/tours to learn more.


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