Van Auken’s Prophecy & Reincarnation DVD Set

Author: John Van Auken

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This specially priced DVD set features two of John Van Auken's most popular video presentations in which he speaks about prophecies and reincarnation.

Prophecy: Understanding Our Times and Beyond Join John Van Auken as he explores the prophecies from the Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, ancient Egyptians, and the Bible-from Genesis to Revelations and everything in between-then moves on to Nostradamus and the Bishop Malachy, the apparitional prophecies of Jesus' mother Mary, and finally those of renown seer Edgar Cayce.

In this info-packed journey, Van Auken deftly takes us to points in the past, back to our times, and beyond-adding insight to our understanding by giving us the settings and backgrounds of each prophet and noting which of their prophecies have already come true.

But what really makes this presentation so remarkable is that the prophecies all lead us to a Golden Age on Earth, one in which all evil and all temptation is gone, a time when all souls incarnate with their full consciousness and the Spirit of the Creator among them.

Reincarnation: The Story of Our Souls Using the Edgar Cayce readings, Van Auken will explain how our souls journey through earth incarnations and planetary sojourns and how those lifetimes influence us today. You'll learn how karma, grace, soul memory, soul groups, and soul mates affect our current lives and how the whole process of incarnating, dying, and reincarnating occurs.

Drawing upon examples from the amazing Akashic readings of Edgar Cayce, you'll learn how your current life is affected by your soul's past lives, and how to recall these memories and resolve any negative influence while enhancing your good karma and grace.

And finally, you'll learn how to put an end to the reincarnation cycle by awakening to your truer awareness and nature.



Van Auken’s Prophecy & Reincarnation DVD Set Contents
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