Beneath the Pyramids Book and DVD Set

Author: Andrew Collins

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Beneath the pyramids of Egypt lies a network of catacombs, hewn chambers, and cave tunnels that were lost for nearly 200 years. They have now been rediscovered and explored for the first time by science and history writer Andrew Collins. Using the newly uncovered memoirs of Henry salt, the British Consulate General to Egypt in 1816, along with astronomical alignments featuring the constellation of Cygnus, Andrew Collins has found the entrance to a hidden world in what is being hailed as one of the greatest shocks in Egyptology since the finding of Tutankhaman's tomb.

What exactly does this subterranean realm tell us about the pyramids, their relationship to the stars, and the mythical origins of Egyptian civilization? Our Beneath the Pyramids book and DVD set will show you!

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Beneath the Pyramids Book and DVD Set Contents
Beneath the PyramidsBeneath the Pyramids by Andrew Collins is lavishly illustrated with color photos and is a personal journey of exploration and discovery that is breathtaking to read from start to finish.1$8.00
Beneath the Pyramids DVDBeneath the Pyramids of Egypt lies a network of catacombs.1$8.00

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