Visits From Heaven

Author: Josie Varga

Stock #105

Format: paperback

Length: 347 pgs

Price: $16.95


“Visits from Heaven provides a wealth of experiences that collectively point to the conclusion that life after death is real.” 
-- Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments

If you think you’re going to die, then you’re in for a big surprise. This book will not only challenge your assumptions, it will give you the proof that you never thought existed.

Not only are there substantial scientific studies indicating that our consciousness survives death, but those on the “other side” have come back time and time again with evidential messages for their loved ones. Josie Varga has assembled an incomparable collection of what she terms “visits from heaven” from around the globe and backed up by testimony from some of the world’s leading experts on afterlife communication.

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