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The Cayce “Cold Coin” is suggested in the readings as being helpful to the prevention of a cold by ionizing the body.

Cayce said: “[I]f the entity will wear about its person, or in its pocket, a metal that is carbon steel—preferably in the groin pocket—it will prevent, it will ionize the body—from its very vibrations—to resist cold, congestion…”
– from Edgar Cayce reading 1842-1

Try it during allergy and cold seasons! Each carbon steel coin is a little thicker than a quarter and about the same size.

Suggested Use:
Carry the coin in your front groin pocket or wear it around your neck.

Cleaning Your Cold Coin:
Over time the Cold Coin may tarnish, due to everybody's body being different. Use a steel wool pad to clean & bring back the original luster to look brand new!


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