Seven Spiritual Centers DVD

Authors: Dr. Charles Thomas Cayce and John Van Auken

Stock #608

Format: DVD

Length: 30 min

Price: $19.95


When Edgar Cayce correlated the seven churches in the book of the Revelation with the seven chakras in the human body, he revealed a powerfully transforming secret—one that we all can use to awaken to our hidden spirituality.

In this video, Dr. Charles Thomas Cayce, grandson of Edgar Cayce, and John Van Auken, author and instructor, present the details of this concept and how to apply it in your life. Using live film footage from the original sites of the seven churches of Asia Minor, combined with artists’ renderings of key scenes in the Revelation and the message the Spirit gives to each of the spiritual centers, this DVD gives us the opportunity to know firsthand how the mystery can awaken us to our hidden spirituality.

This is not just a fascinating informational and entertaining video, but concludes with a guided meditation session to help you enliven your own personal spiritual centers.

“John and I and other members and friends of A.R.E. walked these sites, prayed and meditated at each one, and videoed them with you in mind. We wanted to bring to you a visual impression of these once-sacred places where so many souls gathered to pray and meditate so many years ago. We hope these images and concepts will awaken something in you, helping you to feel the spirit and light within yourself.”—Charles Thomas Cayce, Ph.D.


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