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People often compare these reports to a letter from a very close, very wise personal friend. We recommend this chart for anyone who is contemplating their current circumstances and desiring to find greater fulfillment in all aspects of their life.

Steven Forrest is the astrologer who created this unique perspective on an astrological chart. Steven is one of the best and most popular astrological writers of our time and he is also one of the most intuitive astrological counselors we know. His sensitivity to how our personalities and potential are expressed in a natal chart, combined with a deep universal spirituality, is reflected in every report. Steven's unique approach to a natal chart will charm, enlighten, and encourage you on a deep and soul-felt level.

Sky Within is a fluid, easily read that seamlessly ties together all the influences active within your chart. Averages 15 pages.

Please note: Due to the personalization on charts/forecasts, the processing time for these orders is longer than book/DVD/CD orders. Orders containing both charts and non-chart items, will arrive in two separate packages. Please allow 2-5 weeks for chart/forecast processing and shipping.


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