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When asked about numerology, and it’s affect on a person’s life, the Cayce readings said: “Just so with any other force as in nature, will there be set within self that which is as to be combative against every other force THAT force may affect little or none at all, dependent upon the activities of that being guarded against or guarded with. So, in approaching or reaching the effect of numbers … [t]he period of the year--dependent, of course, upon that point reasoned from. The numbers, or the name - these give the significance to the numbers of the individual. … These will give the sum total of that which applies to the individual.” 5751-1

Our 12-Month Numerology Profile is our most detailed numerology report yet. A carefully plotted forecast of how the numbers affect the next year will help you plan ahead for any social and financial challenges. Averages 23-25 pages.

Please note: Due to the personalization on charts/forecasts, the processing time for these orders is longer than book/DVD/CD orders. Orders containing both charts and non-chart items, will arrive in two separate packages. Please allow 2-5 weeks for chart/forecast processing and shipping.


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