Anne Hunt

Anne Hunt, MA, began her studies of the Edgar Cayce readings in 1982. Early on, her focus came to be the health readings which led to her co-authoring a series of short and concise books on specific ailments with Eric Mein, MD. Soon thereafter, she co-edited the A.R.E.’s Health Newsletter with Elaine Hruska, MA. Anne’s career included almost two decades at the A.R.E. as well as an extended period of time with Home Health Products, a company that used to make Edgar Cayce health remedies. She currently lives in Tucson, Ariz., with her wife Charlene Grabowski. She practices yoga, is writing a book of short stories, and works as a landscape designer dedicated to protecting wildlife habitats.

Products by Anne Hunt

Relieve Your Aching Head: Tips for Soothing Head and Neck Aches

Anne Hunt [Paperback]

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Saving Your Skin: Holistic Tips for Healthy Skin and Hair

Anne Hunt [Paperback]

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Weight No More: Holistic Tips for Healthy Weight Management

Anne Hunt [Paperback]

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