Istvan Fazekas

Istvan Fazekas is a dynamic author and speaker, melding Christian mysticism with Eastern traditions, somatic sciences, and energetic principles. He served on the focus group for the book Still Here by counterculture icon Ram Dass and has studied with yogis and Buddhist teachers for nearly 20 years. He has served on the faculty of National Holistic Institute, Western Institute of Science and Health, and Sonoma College.


His book, The Alkalizing Diet: Your Life Is in the Balance, was published by A.R.E. Press in 2005 and remains a popular bestseller today. His latest book, Edgar Cayce and the Yoga Sutras, explores the Yoga Sutras, the yamas and niyamas, and the purpose of meditation, together with 12 steps to enlightenment from Cayce’s visionary psychic readings.

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